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Topic: Nollywood Actor, Writer, and Producer attacked, Injured in Benue State (Read 135 times) previous topic - next topic

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Nollywood Actor, Writer, and Producer attacked, Injured in Benue State
Nollywood actor, writer, and producer, John Teryy Tumeun was attacked and heavily beaten and injured with six of his friends last Sunday in Gboko, Benue State.

According to an eyewitness who witnessed the event first hand, the actor was said to be coming from a friends place with six other people in a Toyota Picnic mini van, when the vigilante people stopped them, pounced on them and started beating them up injuring more than three of the actor's friends.

The eyewitness who simply identified herself as Janet said she is a student of College of Health Technology, Akaajime, Gboko and stays in a lodge close to the College where the incident took place. According to Janet, "I went to the road, close to my lodge to buy indomie that I will cook for dinner, I saw some of the vigilante people block the road with logs of wood but I did not know why because it was just 9pm. Suddenly a car was coming and vigilante car was packed by the road side, many vigilante were inside, before the other car, toyota picnic got to the road block, other vigilante who were standing outside started throwing logs of wood at the car trying to stop it, the car stopped, then the vigilante people from their own parked car and the ones standing rushed to the picnic, they opened the doors and started dragging the people in the picnic to the ground and hitting them in the face and kicking them, some of the vigilante had big big sticks and some cutlass and canes. I was very scare. I was thinking the victims are thieves. What touched me was that one of them was a girl like myself. She kept shouting that they are not thieves, they are not thieves, someone then slapped her mouth and told her to shut up or she will kill her here. Another who was trying to explain himself was hit on the head with small axe, blood was rushing out."
"Many people started gathering, students and indegines of that place. Some were shouting that they should burn them, they are thieves. Area boys came and joined them, they were beating and dragging them on the ground. Police people now appeared, they took the people, seven of them and put them in their hilux and drove away, also with the toyota picnic."

Yesterday evening, the actor who by now was probably free reported the incident on his Facebook timeline with some disturbing pictures of the incident.
What he wrote in parts;
"2nd July 2017, @ 9pm, I experienced Human Rights abuse first hand. Hoodlums under the guise of vigilante group at Tom-anyiin Akaajime, Gboko, Benue State stopped our car by throwing hefty logs of wood at it. We pulled over, without any of them asking who we were, where we were coming from or going to, they bounced on us with more logs, planks, koboko and other weapons, one of us got hit on the head with an axe.
I remain grateful to the Almighty for allowing the police to intervene in time and rescue us before the hoodlums concluded their plans to set us ablaze."

The concluding part of his Facebook post read;
"These incidences happen now and then in Gboko LGA mostly perpetrated by hoodlums under the guise of vigilante. THIS MUST STOP!
When good people keep quiet, evil thrives. From this day on, I am dedicating myself to fighting human right abuse with a percentage of my every earnings.
The ball is set in motion. First case filed. This one's must pay.
One person you don't beat, injure, steal from and get away with is a trained journalist/movie maker and business man. "
John Teryy Tumeun appeared in Nollywood around 2010 and is known for two movies he wrote, produced and also acted in, the movies "Chudi" and "Dangerous Choice" all had the cast of Jim Iyke, Ngozi Ezeonu, Chinwetalu Agu. He is a grad, Uche Odoputa, Chinelo Oloh and others. He is a graduate of Tansian University, Anambra State. Soon after working on this films, he disappeared from the screens, until few weeks ago, he announced on his Facebook Timeline that his six years break from movie making was well spent and he was ready for a come-back. He also stated in that post that he was currently working on a story.

There are many stories of Jungle justice and mob actions in Nigeria which has claimed the lives of many innocent people. These crimes must be stopped. No one should take laws in their hands. We must all stand up to fight this menace.